Friday, July 29, 2011

setlist for july 29th

setlist for the (almost) all canadian show today, July 29th

artist track

hooded fang den of love
Graham wright soviet race
will currie and the country french honest people
young galazy open your heart
coeur de pirate le long du lagre
miracle fortress tracers
johnny west like a lover does
the besnard lakes chicago train
they might be giants celebration
dark mean happy banjo
JF robitaille the city trembles
we are the city there are very very big lights in the sky
kae sun firefly dance
library voices thigns we stole from vonneguts grave
handsome furs repatriated
junior boys a truly happy ending
knock knock gingers august has the cruelest month
novels big run
joshua hyslop cold wind
the organ don’t be angry

set set set list


Hotels flight of the navigator

think about life young hearts

black lips mad dog

ty segall california commercial

women cant you see

future islands beach foam

megan bonnell lake superior

eleanor friedberger heaven

thee oh sees AA warm breeze

handsome furs serve the people

about group with each new day

joel plaskett on the rail

sea wolf white water white bloom

sons & daughters breaking fun

savior adore … and then it snowed

the murder plans hurt somebody

caribou odessa

hidden pictures choosing sides

lonely, dear summers

memory tapes wait in the dark

Lukasz Straszak a plan miscarried

Frankie rose where do you run

Friday, July 1, 2011

setlist for canada day

Huge give away next week! Tune in!

woods // pushing onlys
cloud cult // on the sun
wolf parade // ill believe in anything
times new viking // downtown eastern bloc
women // cant you see
joel plaskett // on the rail
hey rosetta // holy shit what a relief
the rosebuds // second birds of paradise
im from barcelona // battleships
the ladybug transistor // ignore the bell
little scream // the heron and the fox
great lake swimmers // starting tomorrow
kevin devine // just stay
the decemberists // engine driver
raleigh // ballon boy
kaki king // montreal
motion city soundtrack // pulp fiction
hidden pictures// anne apparently
fleet foxes// montezuma
the wooden birds// two matchsticks

plan B

Monday, June 20, 2011

Setlist for Fridya June 17 2011

The bird and the bee//my love
camera obscura// llyod, im ready to be heartbroken
battles// ice cream
the organ //a sudden death
abe vigoda / /wild heart
bazan // future past
ted leo and the pharmacists // even heroes have to die
johnny west // different degrees of wrong
jens lekman // maple leaves
givers //up up up
shout out louds// fall hard
winter gloves // strange love
said the whale // camilo
the music tapes // saw ping pong and orfchestra
should //glasshouse
rah rah // ghosts
lovers hate haters// dead end trail
st.vincent// the apocolypse song
say hi to your mom //blah blah blah
bicycles // oh no, its love
sebadoh//not too amused

Friday, June 10, 2011

Rainy day music: June 10th 2011

artist // track thanks for listening!

fleet foxes// bedouin dress
the acorn// slippery when wet
two hours traffic // painted halo
the walkmen // in the new year
the dears// easy suffering
noah and the whale// life is life
amor de dias// bunhill feilds
amor de dias// seaosn of light
the subways // all or nothing
carbon dating service // star beat academy graduation march
the national// tall saint
girls names// nothing more to say
here we go magic// hands in the sky
agent ribbons // im alright
tapes n tapes // le ruse
owen pallett // horsetail feathers
destroyer// european oils.
beirut// elephant gun
nassau// hurdle the sun
the mercury program // chez viking
panda bear // tom boy

Friday, May 27, 2011

All Canadian version of Plan B

thanks for listening!

Artists// track

mother mother// chase it down
friday mornings regret// the wooden sky*
green go //put on your specs boy
magenta lane// their party days
young galaxy// open your heart
ohbijou// misty eyes
library voices// bookish
julie dorion// heavy snow
the organ// let the bell ring
the paper cranes// ill love you until my veins explode
yukon blonde// ghosts on film
the unicorns// i was born (a unicorn)
you say party// opportunity
plants and animals// bye bye bye
will currie and the country french// honst people
the besnard lakes// albatross
moonface// fast peter (<--click here!)
the lovely feathers// long walks
caribou// melody day
woodpigeon// piano pieces for adult beginners

plan B

* this band is now called "the wooden sky" but that track was released under their former band name "friday mornings regret" i thought it might be confusing to tell you that a song called the wooden sky was played by a band called the wooden sky. You know?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Setlist for Friday May 20th

Artist// Track

You and me // in the still
The weather station // coming into town
Dun dum girls // there is a light that never goes out
Spiral beach // casual +
Young rival // 4:15
The dodos // black night
Red red meat // chain chain
Times new Viking // want to exist
The walkmen // all my great designs
The pubilic library // shipwrecks
The war on drugs// taking the farm
M.Ward //so much water
Novels// big run
Obits // I want results
Miracle fortress // tracers
Monogrenage // immobile
Empire of the sun // standing on the shore
Hotels// smith lands on the casino planet
Ac newman // the battle for straight time
Noah and the whale // life is life


Plan B